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Ardent is a team of experts who excel at building sales networks for manufacturers.

We match you with right sales representatives & distributors, and support their efforts to help build better sales opportunities.

Ardent Offers 3 Tiers of Engagement Designed to Build Your Sales Network as Quickly and Effectively as Possible​

Tier 1

Lead-in and Newsletter​
  • Newsletter to be produced monthly
  • Researching product news & technical data
  • Retrieving case studies & product proof
  • Developing the template, industry application data & messaging
  • Build contacts from Newsletter distribution data
  • Monitor open rates and interest
  • Respond to any incoming inquiries
  • Introduction to active sales channels representing our current manufacturers

Tier 2

Sales Channel Recruiting
  • All of Tier 1’s features plus:
  • Direct contact promotion for representation
  • Deliver collateral & set follow-ups
  • Identify immediate representation opportunities
  • Send agreements for review and signatures
  • Training introduction and product/ capabilities (Webinar with Reps/Distributors)
  • Review incoming RFQ process
  • Submit any immediate sales opportunities
  • Transition sales channel

Tier 3

Sales Channel Management
  • All of Tier 1 & 2's features plus:
  • Initial point of contact for all sales channels
  • Support internal sales initiatives
  • Continuous network development
  • Delivering & helping develop all sales collateral for use in the field
  • Target Account Development
  • Sales Pipeline support
  • Local & National Trade show coverage
  • Re-training, product updates & company highlights
  • RFQ support

Building Sales Networks for Manufacturers

We have one of the largest rep databases in North America. We work with Manufacturers Representatives and Distributors in every industry across the US, Canada and Mexico.

The Ardent Difference:

Ardent’s process of delivering the right Manufacturers Reps and Distributors gives you the opportunity to engage with multiple reps at one time and build your sales network quickly and efficiently.  We use our resources to connect you to the best sales reps  and/or distributors for your company.  

Sales network implementation including recruiting, and managing territories.
We provide a comprehensive solution for hiring, developing and supporting your sales network.
Ardent is a low cost solution to create and manage your sales network.
Offering marketing and supporting all rep and distributor activity.
We build your sales network based on your market and sales needs.
Initial and continued training to the sales reps and distributors that sell your company’s products and services.


The right representation that creates the right opportunities for you is our business.

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