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It's A Simple Equation Using Our Formula

If you’re a manufacturer, we can help you build a network of sales reps and/or distributors. We deliver sales network solutions for industrial and commercial manufacturers. We’ve helped manufacturers from across the globe sell into the largest companies in the world.

We can build it for you.

The Manufacturer (You)
Sales Network
Access to Customers
Sales Opportunities

The right manufacturer sales representation creates the right opportunities.

We connect you with sales reps that have access to the target accounts that will help your business grow.

We’ve developed tools to help our sales reps be more effective and better understand your products.

Why Ardent Is The Right Choice?

Ardent is a team of experts who excel at building sales networks for manufacturers. We work with Manufacturers Representatives and Distributors in every industry across the US, Canada and Mexico. We can build the team you need to sell your products and support their efforts to help build better sales opportunities for your business.

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Our Network of SALES experts ARE STANDING BY

The right manufacturer sales representation that creates the right opportunities for you is our business.

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