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Building Your Sales Network – It’s Important to Get It Right!

Building the right sales network for your business is maybe the most important process any company engages in. The quality of your sales channels determines what customers your business has exposure to and how quickly you get in front of them. Most manufacturers are great at manufacturing but when it comes to constructing the best strategy to build a stable/profitable customer base they fall short. This is primarily caused by a lack of experience in building the right network of Manufacturers Representatives and/or Distributors.

Here are a few factors you should know when considering developing your Sales Network:

  1. It takes more than just researching a few rep groups and making some calls. It takes a lot of research, conversations, emails and making the right connections to determine which independent manufacturers reps and/or distributors would be the best fit to represent your company. You need accurate data and the ability to determine the most productive relationships.
  1. Creating the right mix of representation in each territory. If you’re the manufacturer of a component you may have many industries you are able to service. You may need a target account-based agreement and multiple reps per territory to maximize coverage. If you’re a company that produces a product, you may be focused on fewer industries and the most productive mix might include Manufacturers Reps calling on Distributors. It will take knowing the sales channel’s active customers to determine if that Manufacturers Sales Rep is a good fit.
  1. Developing the Right Sales tools. Do you have the tools needed for the reps to effectively sell your company to their prospects? It’s a chicken before the egg scenario and in this case the egg wins. You need a few marketing tools for the reps and distributors that enable them to properly get some interest and ultimately get a sale. Digital marketing has become the fastest growing segment of the sales process and a challenge for most in the manufacturing sector. Find a partner who can help you with this and lean on them to boast about your company.
  1. Build it right the 1st time or hire a company who knows how to do it right! There are resources who will let you subscribe to their databases of un-researched Sales reps. Once subscribed it’s up to you to sort out which one’s are the best rep groups to represent your company and ensure your making the best decisions when hiring a rep. There is an easier way

Companies like Ardent have been making it easy for companies to build the right mix of Manufacturers’ Representatives and Distributors for over a decade. and they can do it for you.

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