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Designed for use with hydraulic and pneumatic systems for aircraft, refrigeration and automotive applications.

Chemiquip offers a range of pressure snubbers, pressure limiting valves and flow check values to solve challenging applications.

With a Chemiquip Snubber positioned up-stream of a pressure sensitive instrument, the instrument response to system pressure changes is at a rate in proportion to the pressure differential across the snubber element. A moderately rapid, smooth response of the pressure-sensitive instrument is obtained, free of transient surges or pulsations. The snubber is calibrated to give an equilibrium reading, up-scale or down-scale, in approximately 2-3 seconds.

Instrument failure due to pressure shock is eliminated

Chemiquip Snubbers can also be connected to any line:

Chemiquip Snubbers Confirm With U.S. Military Specifications

Chemiquip manufactures a full line of military spec snubbers and pulsation dampeners that conform with Specifications Mil-d-2940 Mil-s-2940 Mil-prf-2940 and Qpl-2940 please contact for more info

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