Digital Marketing

We’re experts at finding the right manufacturers representatives and distributors, supporting their efforts and building sales opportunities. At Ardent we’ve been building sales networks for global manufacturers of electronic, plastic and metal components for over a decade.

Newsletter/Activity Tracker and Real Time Help

In a recent study the Content Marketing Institute found that Newsletters were the most effective Business to Business marketing tool. We agree and its why we develop a newsletter monthly/quarterly for you. We make sure your Reps, Distributors and their customers are in touch with your company.

The Ardent App is designed to give the Manufacturer Rep and us visibility into all pre-sales activity within any given account. It also gives each rep the ability to generate a report showing activity within all account he/she covers. The app is equipped with a real time inquiry button for field urgent questions. This is available to all reps in our network and is optional.

The more communication we have with the reps and our clients the better the results.

Newsletter Examples

Here are some newsletters that we have created for our clients


April 20018 News and Updates
Product News: RocTool'S HD Plastic is a Cost Effective Method of Providing a High Quality Surface Fin


April 2018 News and Updates
Product news: Automotive OEM's Rely on the Performance of Enviroplas ® PC


April 2018 News and Updates
Product news: KinnexA's NGFF Connectors Are Ideal for Small Size Applications Requiring Faster Dat

Trigon Components

April 2018 News and Updates
Product news:Trigon Ferrite Beads Effectively Block Unwanted EMI/RFI Noise