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Since 1946, L.C. Eldridge Sales Co., Inc. has provided industrial ventilation equipment on installations all over the world. With the highest quality equipment and over 180 years of combined experience, we solve ventilation, airflow, humidity control, air volume control, and air borne noise problems encountered in the daily operation of industrial, power, process, and marine facilities.

Eldridge sells industrial ventilation equipment across many industries and markets, such as general manufacturing, food processing, offshore drilling/production, tunnels, workboats, power generation, and natural gas transmission. We also work closely with industrial OEMs in order to properly apply our equipment to their product needs.

Our priority is always to make sure we offer the right equipment that solves our customers’ problems. We strive to establish a long-term sales relationship with all our customers, thereby helping them be “best in class” and successful as well.

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