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What are the advantages of Industrial Manufacturers sales reps?

Industrial Manufacturers Sales Reps

Hiring Industrial Manufactures Sales Reps to help market your products or services is a cost-effective way to build your sales network.

industrial manufacturers representatives

In this new normal, companies are using the cost-saving tool of outsourcing.  Companies are outsourcing everything from payroll and Human Resources to customer service and help desks.  Many companies are also outsourcing their sales force.  An industrial manufacturers’ representative is an outsourced salesperson or agency that will represent you, the manufacturer, to wholesale or resale companies you wish to do business with.  But why use an industrial manufacturers’ representative instead of an in-house salesperson or team? Glad you asked! There are many benefits to using industrial manufacturers’ sales representatives.

4 Benefits of Using an Industrial Manufacturer’s Sales Reps.

The first benefit is the cost.  Keeping a full-time salesperson or people employed by your company is expensive.  Not only do you pay for the salary of this full-time employee, but your company pays all the expenses involved in employment, such as healthcare, networking, travel, and meetings.  When using an industrial manufacturers’ representative, you pay a previously agreed upon set rate of commission.  The best part is that all the expenses involved in making a sale are no longer your responsibility.  The manufacturers’ representative or their company now handles those expenses.

Another benefit to using an industrial manufacturers’ representative instead of employing a full-time, in-house salesperson is the availability of a pre-established network.  When hiring an industrial manufacturers’ representative, he or she will come with his or her own contacts across various industries.  Yes, this representative will work with your current sales territory and clients.  But he or she will also be able to present your company to new, potential opportunities that may not have been previously available.

Having extensive industry knowledge is another benefit of using an industrial manufacturers’ representative.  An industrial manufacturers’ representative usually has many years of sales experience in the field and knows the ins and outs of an industry.  These representatives stay up to date on industry trends and jargon so you will not be responsible for training and retraining a salesperson or staff as the industry changes and grows.

The last benefit to using an industrial manufacturers’ representative as opposed to an in-house salesperson is that this representative is highly motivated and interested in your success.  There is usually no base salary, so relying on commissions only, the industrial manufacturers’ representative will want to make good sales with recurring orders.  The industrial manufacturers’ sales representative will want to use his or her network and link his or her clients into business partnerships, so everyone wins!

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