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we take pride in having one of the largest databases of sales representatives, and a process that helps quickly build your sales force.

Keep Your Sales Network Growing

Hiring Manufactures Reps to help market your products or services is a cost-effective way to build your sales network.

Current Active Reps & Distributors


A well thought out sales network development strategy includes a focus on the type of profitable customers that fit your capabilities. Manufacturers’ Representatives have developed a deep knowledge of their territories and customers within the industries they cover. Most Representatives have 10-20 years building relationships with the engineers, purchasing agents and distributors that ultimately make the decision to buy your product or service.

The best kind of representation is a sales agent that owns their customer’s relationships and sells multiple products or services into them. If the relationship legwork has been done properly by the manufacturer’s agent, it will speed up the sales process. Ardent can help you find the best representation that will help you develop the right customer relationships faster than you could on your own.

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