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Finding the right sales representation is the key to selling your company's products or services.

Delivering Cost Effective Sales Solutions

ARDENT speeds up the creation of your sales network. This means faster market penetration into the right sales opportunities.

Ardent becomes part of your business development team. We develop nationwide sales networks utilizing the sales channels that currently work with us or find the right representation in the field to become part of your team.

We deliver a cost effective solution and the right sales professional for each step in the sales process. Sales development and development of a nationwide sales network is critical to success. Providing the right sales representation that creates opportunities at a lower cost than traditional sales methods is ARDENT’s commitment to you.

build the network you need.

Creating sales opportunities for your business.

How to Build a Sales Network

At Ardent we identify the right representation that will create sales opportunities with customers across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

We review how your products or services provide value to customers and ensure that you are communicating correctly with your sales network. Our sales strategy integrates product understanding, product value and your sales objectives with the network of sales channels we develop for your company.

We work with you and your team to develop the right mix of communication that keeps our Reps and Distributors working hard for you in the field.

Let's Talk Development

At Ardent, we make sure you command attention in the field by helping the reps target the right accounts, market to them, and deliver opportunities to the manufacturer. To do that, we start by helping each rep create a sales strategy to deliver our manufacturers to their territories.

Finding the Rep

We have a database of reps that handle our current clients and we continuously add new reps.

Initial Rep Training

Provide training materials so each rep knows your full capabilities and understands your products.

Sales Tools

We develop a monthly newsletter for you to help the reps market to their customers. It provides client specific product information and case studies, which helps direct the reps to opportunities in the right industries with the right applications.

Initial Target Account List

Each rep group provides us with a list of active targets and new accounts to be added as the territory grows, which we monitor to see how active each rep is in each account.

Ardent finds the right representation for your business.

Creating the right opportunities for you is our business.

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