Sales Network Development

Locating, selecting, aligning and contracting with manufacturers reps and distributors is an essential part of sales network development.  It takes time to set up the right sales structure but at Ardent we can help speed up the process by creating your companies high performing, commission only sales network.  If your a manufacturer and need sales agents we can help!

Sales Network Development

ARDENT can build your sales network and support all of your sales activities throughout North America. Our Sales Network Development is focused on engaging and managing the right representatives to sell our client’s products. We service clients in the Electronic components, Plastics, Metals, and Software solutions industries that are selling into the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Medical, Industrial, Rail, Recreational, White Goods industries.

Here’s how we do it:

Finding the Rep

We have a database of reps that handle our current clients and we continuously add new reps.

Initial Rep Training

Provide training materials so each rep knows your full capabilities.

Initial Target Account List

Each Rep group provides us with a list of active targets and new accounts to be added as the territory grows, which we monitor to see how active each rep is in each account.

Major Account Teamwork

We support major accounts by making joint calls and communications with reps to capture all opportunities.

Sales Opportunity Management

We maintain consistent follow up with each rep to ensure we are aware of all opportunities in the pipeline in order to push each potential sale to close.

Sales Tools

Our reps are busy and we want them focused on getting opportunities, so Ardent provides organization, marketing and follow-up.

Sales Activity Tracker

Ardent developed a sales activity tracker that helps reps track sales related activities in each account and helps us gauge which accounts and reps are most productive.

Sales Newsletter

We develop a monthly newsletter for you to help the reps market to their customers. It provides client specific product information and case studies, which helps direct the reps to opportunities in the right industries with the right applications.