Sales Solution

We’re experts at finding the right manufacturers representatives and distributors, supporting their efforts and building sales opportunities. At Ardent we’ve been building sales networks for global manufacturers of electronic, plastic and metal components for over a decade.

Sales Solution

ARDENT becomes part of your business development team. We develop nationwide sales network utilizing the sales channels that currently work with us or find the right representation in the field to become part of your team.

We report directly to you, work toward your sales goals and become your company’s field management support. We locate, engage and create a pipeline of orders through the sales reps and distributors we hire and manage for your company. ARDENT delivers a cost effective solution and the right sales professional for each step in the sales process.

Sales development and the development of a nationwide sales channel network is critical to the success of most businesses. Ensuring that you have the right sales representation that creates the right opportunities and is lower cost than traditional sales methods is ARDENT’s commitment to you.

Our Approach

ARDENT’S innovative approach helps drive the process from pre-sales activity through all stages of sales process the receiving of the finished goods, and customer follow-up.

How We Work With You

  • We work as an integrated part of your sales management team
  • We communicate directly with you and your team
  • We participate in strategy sessions and reviews
  • We update pipeline and account status
  • We create monthly newsletter for your company
  • We hold bi-monthly calls with each rep/rep group
  • We deliver results!

Supporting the rep network is equally as important and takes great communication, marketing and accountability. At Ardent, we make sure the reps that represent you in the field are receiving all of the sales and product support they need to close sales.

ARDENT speeds up the creation of your sales network. This means faster market penetration into the right sales opportunities.

We locate, engage, manage and support the sales channels in the field so you can focus on the opportunities. Let our experienced sales team help with you business development.