Sales Strategy

We’re experts at finding the right manufacturers representatives and distributors, supporting their efforts and building sales opportunities. At Ardent we’ve been building sales networks for global manufacturers of electronic, plastic and metal components for over a decade.

Sales Strategy

ARDENT reviews how your products or services provide value to customers and ensures that you are communicating correctly the sales network we build. Our Sales strategy integrates product understanding, product value and your sales objectives with the network of sales channels we develop for your company.

We work with you and your team to develop the right mix of communication that keeps our Reps and Distributors working hard for you in the field. ARDENT monitors the amount of opportunities generated per month and make the necessary adjustments in the field to get the right results from all sales channels.

Lets Talk Strategy

We start by asking a few key questions:

  • Who in your organization manages your sales channels?
  • Are you using Manufacturers Representatives to sell your product /or services?
  • How often are you marketing to the reps and their customers?
  • How are your products/services different from your competition and how are you communicating this to the field?
How you present your company and how often is critical to keeping and gaining “mindshare” from your sales channels. At Ardent we make sure you command attention in the field by helping the reps target the right accounts, market to them and deliver opportunities to the manufacturer. To do that we start by helping each rep create a strategy to deliver our manufacturers to their territories.

Our sales strategy always includes:

  • Targeting the right accounts
  • Seeking new opportunities
  • Staying active within those accounts
  • Managing the opportunities