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Tizbi specializes in solving complex business problems with smart, well-designed software solutions. Our focus areas are real-time, secure, database driven solutions, enterprise information systems, and mobile applications. We provide the technical expertise to drive your business vision to fruition.

Dedicated Development Teams

Building a diverse and comprehensive software development staff can be overwhelming, costly, and difficult to maintain. At Tizbi, we believe a key to a successful partnership is collaborating with people that truly understand your business needs, can adapt quickly, and are able to assimilate within your organization. Our approach to Dedicated Dev Teams is designed to seamlessly integrate directly with your existing staffing model, provide dedicated staff to work exclusively on your project, and protect your company's intellectual property rights.

Project Rescue Teams

Do you have an IT project that is stalled at 90% done for the last two years? Every day lost is time, money, and business opportunity wasted. Projects can stall or fall short of business expectations as a result of poor control, lack of quality, mismatched technology, or simply a lack of technical expertise. Regardless of the reason, our teams are skilled at salvaging projects and delivering a high-end quality product that meets your business needs.

Entire IT Teams

Contracting companies are often focused only on delivery of a software solution leaving your business to handle the cost and burden associated with production maintenance. At Tizbi, we offer a full turn-key solution for all of our projects. Our entire IT team of infrastructure specialists, system administrators, help desk personnel, and software development staff provide your company with a complete solution that seamlessly integrates into your business strategy.

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